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Books about art
and its tangents
Libros sobre arte y sus tangentes
Libros sobre arte y sus tangentes
The documentary editions is an editorial project whose main intention is to analyze the immediate context and provoke it with uncomfortable questions; who crosses art like a tangent and who wants to make books with detail and without reservations.

Apart from knowing if this journey will take us somewhere, we are aware that what is important is the path traveled and the time spent traveling it. Whether this wandering lasts a few months or several decades, every birth inaugurates a beginning and it is known that, as the classic said, "everything new pleases." We welcome you to this path without boundaries or previous steps..

Sr. Velasco is the title of a collection of shared ideas that relate to each other—as archipelagos do to their islands—by what separates them. It is also the name of a person who knew a lot about sharing without losing even a bit of his individuality. It is a tribute and an inspiration.